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I want to be able to play some of my songs without the help of computers, softsynths, midifiles, and other niceties of modern musical life.

So I'm learning the guitar.

After practicing for a while, I longed for a tool that would help me practice chord/scale changes. So I wrote a little Flash app that throws random chords at me.

And here it is! Introducing .

  • will prompt you to play basic (open), major, minor, dominant 7, or minor 7 chords, or a mixture of all of the above. Simply adjust the tempo and the meter to your liking and you're off.
  • will also let you define a set of particular chords you want to practice. However, for now at least, if you stray from the chord types listed above, the chord name will appear, but the chord will not sound.
  • will not show you how to play a chord. There are too many chord forms for any given chord, and my favorites keep changing. There are many resources on the Internet to get you going though.
  • requires broadband access to the net and a recent Flash plug-in.
  • release notes and version history can be found here.

So now, you too can , and remember, makes perfect.