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What is a Production Manager?

Once you have a few years of hard work under your belt and have acquired great wisdom and skill, you get hired to guide and drive and manage enthusiastic (and unsuspecting) young designers and programmers.

You get to channel their creative juices for maximum profit.

You teach artists to compromise their ideals, and you decree that an engineers' program is finished and ready to ship (to an engineer, a program is never finished).

It's not as fun and easy or relaxing as it sounds. In fact, you get to endorse, and are asked to solve many peoples' problems, where you used to have to deal with your own exclusively.

Irony aside, I actually strongly believe that outside pressure and constraints are a creative person's absolute best friends. They are the true mothers of invention. And there is nothing more terrifying than having a "carte blanche," an ulimited budget, and unlimited time to think up "something great."

But enough banter. Here is my "business" resumé. The French version is slightly more up to date.