I wrote “S’assoupir” a couple of weeks back. It’s in French, and as of today, is only available on Radio Vince (and mini Radio Vince at the top of this page).

I recorded the voice yesterday, but the instrument tracks were done while I was still keyboard-deprived. So I first recorded the guitar track, and then generated backing tracks using Band In A Box. I just gave BIAB a chord sequence, picked a style (“Waltz Paris”!), generated a MIDI file, and piped the output to virtual instruments of my choosing, and voilà.

BIAB is clearly a better instrumentalist than I am, and unlike myself, is capable of playing in a “traditional” manner, whatever the style. Hmm, maybe if I use it more often, it’ll take some of the quirkiness out of my stuff, and I’ll make the big times!

25/09/06 Update: Now with a tiny Radio Vince player!

22. September 2005 by sknob
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