Dumb and Dumber

I tried a dumb little freeware program this morning, one that records the TV stream I get via ADSL onto the Mac HD. Even though I recorded the test stream on my internal hard disk, the program wiped out a bunch of directories on my main, external hard disk (I know the program is the culprit because a little research showed I wasn’t alone in my “predicament”).

I lost 90% of my personal and professional work files.

I backup my professional work files compulsively, so I’m OK there. And I have a full backup of my internal HD following my recent woes.

However, I lost my personal development directory, that contained all the Photoshop & Flash source files for my site.

And it turns out that I have NO BACKUP of that one directory.

The Photoshop files for all the silly images and the source files for all my Flash animations (la Pêche, A.I., Flag Etiquette, Radio Vince, Vintage Vince, my doll, Practice) are GONE FOREVER.

There may be little or no viruses and spyware on the Mac, but the Mac obviously has it’s share of boneheaded programmers and dangerous programs, and dumb end-users.

25. August 2006 by sknob
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