I recently expressed my outrage at the lack of outrage in the US at how low the US has sunk, and how it rendered me speechless (or songless to be more precise).

But all these pent-up sentiments simply had to find an outlet, just as children have to spend their daily dose of pent-up energy by running amok in the park, lest they drive you insane.

Well, hide the kiddies, because here comes Complicity, more metaphorical mayhem and madness, another punk/marching-band mash-up, unwholesome entertainment filled with wanton sex and violence, for your listening pleasure.

Special thanks to Pamela.

Available on Radio Vince, mini Radio Vince (at the top of this page), and tiny Radio Vince (at the top of this post).

26. November 2006 by sknob
Destination: Making Music, Songs | 2 comments

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