Falwell Says Global Warming Tool of Satan

Ethics Daily reports that Falwell Says Global Warming Tool of Satan.

No, he’s not saying that Satan is causing global warming to spite us measly mortals.

Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell, who has worked for decades to involve conservative Christians in politics, said Sunday the debate over global warming is a tool of Satan being used to distract churches from their primary focus of preaching the gospel.

“If I decide here as the pastor and our deacons decide that we’re going to get caught up in the global warming thing, we’re not going to be able to reach the masses of souls for Christ, because our attention will be elsewhere, ” Falwell said in Sunday’s sermon at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va. “That’s pretty wise for Satan to concoct.”

I don’t know what these guys are smoking, but it seems like its powerful stuff.

06. March 2007 by sknob
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