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I turned on the commenting feature on Geeks In Love.

That’s all I wanted to inform you about.

But…you might be wondering why the commenting feature wasn’t on to begin with. After all, isn’t commenting a basic feature of blogging packages like WordPress?

If you’re that curious, and since according to some people, I’m somewhat of a geek, I will use this opportunity to explain, and to give you some insight into the design of Geeks In Love’s interface.

It turns out that to get the user-experience I wanted for GIL, I had to subvert the manner in which WordPress functions in a fundamental way. Normally, you get an index page (the main page), that shows a whole bunch of posts, like on sknoblog, and when you go to a single post, you see just that post, followed by the commenting fields.

But I wanted no visible difference between the index page and the individual post pages, because I wanted the reader to be able to flip through the cartoons without a paradigm change.

And I wanted a feature that you normally only get on single post pages to show up on the index page. I wanted the links to the previous/next posts to show the title of these previous or next posts, instead of simply showing “previous” or “next”.

That wasn’t possible without hacking the WordPress index.php template to trick it into thinking it was in single-post mode.

But that broke the commenting feature!

But since those damn comment fields would have marred my interface, and distracted from the drawings, I left it at that.

A pure case of Function Follows Form evil. I know. Bad. Very bad.

But yesterday, I remembered the commenting in WordPress could be done in a pop-up, which would allow me to keep my interface the way it is, if I could get the comments to work. So I mucked around until I found the .php file that contains all the commenting functions, and found the bit of code where that same darn single-post variable was disrupting things, and I commented-it out (appropriately enough).

So now I can have my UI cake and comment on it too.

There you have it. So did your eyes glaze over or did your nipples get hard?

10. April 2007 by sknob
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