Disaster Recovery

A few months back, I told you how a misbehaved piece of shareware randomly erased a few folders on one of my external hard disks, including the source files of all my little Flash programs.

I had no backup of these files, so that was that. I still had the compiled versions (here on sknoblog and on my site)…

Well this week, I came about software that reverse-engineers compiled Flash files back into editable Flash source files. It worked flawlessly, and I have now retrieved the source code of all of my little Flash music players and utilities (you know, like La pêche à la baleine, A.I., Flag Etiquette, Radio Vince, Vintage Vince, my doll, and Practice).

The software I used was an ancient version of this SWF to FLA Converter.

Recommended if you’re a careless fool like me.

14. July 2007 by sknob
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