Introducing My Music


A long time ago, I had this showcase site that hosted my music.

Then I started this blog, and got into the habit of posting my new songs and news about my music chronologically on sknoblog instead.

But my music is all over the place. There’s mini Radio Vince at the top of every page, there’s the Songs category, and there are links to other sites that host my music, in the “elsewhere” sidebar over there to the right.

Well, one of the reasons I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.x, is so I could use the improved Page feature, which allows you to define “static” pages that integrate nicely within the blogging environment.

And so, today, I’m unveiling the My Music page, for easy access to most of my music. Easy, because every page on sknoblog now has a link to the My Music page, up there, in the header, next to the sknoblog logo and the About page. See it?

Go and have a look/listen. You’ll see that I’ve organised the songs by album and/or genre, and designed and programmed a new bunch of little Flash music players for each one. (While I pretty much despise Flash, it is convenient that way. At some point, I hope to set-up an iPhone-friendly solution).

So there you have it. I hope you’ll enjoy (re)discovering my music, and the silly music players that I put together these last few days, to make things a little more convenient and entertaining.

22. March 2008 by sknob
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