As seen on TV!

Pamela has taken the Internet by storm. Not only is she blogging more than ever on frogblog, but she’s gone pro, writing for Web Worker Daily, among others.

So when Parlons Blogs, a French cable TV program about Blogs were looking for an American “blogueuse” in Paris, who did they call? Why Paméla bien sûr.

So a crew of 4 invaded our modest apartment in Paris: a charming journalist, two charming cameramen, and a…well yes, charming sound lady (all very pro and cool).

They had us sit on the same side of our long, 2 seater desk (which doesn’t happen in real life) and interviewed us together for about an hour.

True to our natural tendencies (and nationalities), I rambled, while Pamela came up with some great one-liners. They kept a few short minutes of our discussion in the final edit of the program, which I’m glad to say shows off the geeks quite a bit (the real ones and the cartoon ones).

Pamela should have the full story up on frogblog any time now.

So without further ado, here they are: the geeks. As seen on TV!

Our bit starts at the 6-minute mark. Oh, and one last thing… it’s in French, obviously.

01. July 2008 by sknob
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