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Not so long ago, I would have written about the US election, at length, repeatedly, foaming at the mouth.

These days, I just flag a few things that I run across in my Google Shared Items.

I feel vindicated in everything I’ve thought about the US, when I lived there in the 80′s and since then.

It isn’t worse, it isn’t better. It’s just that the crazy, ignorant, reality-allergic, creationist, fundamentalist, racist, obscurantist, hateful, fascist side of America used to be more discreet.

What’s changed, is that they can now speak openly, in the mainstream media, and not be laughed off the set.

If Obama is elected, I feel it will give coastal Americans (and 80% of the rest of the world, according to various polls) the illusion that the Bush years were an unfortunate aberration.

If McCain is elected, despite his repugnant running-mate and ignorant and selfish party base (and assuming the abstention rate is more or less what it always is), it will just go to show, once more, that:

  • a quarter of Americans are fascists, plain and simple,
  • a quarter of Americans are slightly to the left of Mussolini or Franco, because, well, you know, sometimes, those guys do go slightly overboard (although they do look dashing in that uniform),
  • and half of Americans are too busy jerking off to porn on the Internet or getting boob jobs or trying not to die, knee-deep in shit (while dreaming of the day they’ll be rich and famous), to care either way.

I’m not saying I’m neutral on the matter.

Obama will probably think twice before he nukes anyone, just in case it isn’t what Jesus would do.

06. September 2008 by sknob
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