The Geeks In Love go to the Senate


I’ve been waiting for Pamela to do the heavy blogging about our election night for the Public Sénat TV station, live from the French Senate, lazy coward that I am.

Backstage (see photos), things were a bit of a mess, what with technical problems, and a largely uneventful blogosphere and twittersphere (which we were there to report on) as the whole world held its breath.

But Caroline Deschamps and the rest of the Public Sénat station staff and management were very gracious and seemed happy with our brief appearances.

As you may recall, I was given an extra (mystery) assignment. Well, you can see how my live cartoon blogging on TV turned out on Geeks In Love.

It sums up quite nicely how events unfolded for us.

08. November 2008 by sknob
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