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You can already access my music from the “Elsewhere” sidebar on the left over there, from mini Radio Vince at the top of every single page of sknoblog, and through the Songs category of this blog.

But in case that’s not enough, here is my music, neatly and conveniently categorized by genre/album/period/band/or something.

Vincent Knobil | MUSIC Vincent Knobil | MUSIC
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1 mot, 1 chanson 1 mot, 1 chanson
L’acteur • Minute • Hedgehog • Enfant • Canapé • Déboussolé • Chemistry
Hit Singles Hit Singles
Orange Boy • Leather Jacket • Trust • Trust (Johnny Unicorn Remix) • Round and Round
Bye Bye Murka Bye-Bye Murka
Dark Indigo • Dinosaur • The Playground of the Baby Giants • Ingenuity • Complicity • Get Real • Fade Out
VK love songs Love Songs
What Next • Soupir • So Close So Far • Under Her Dress • A Quick Lai
electronica Electronica
Mila (club mix) • Much 2 Pretty • Three Forty • The Move
chanson française Chanson française
Écrasé • Rambette Cacadieu • Gros bidon • Maubert • Rue du Renard • Plastoc • Jouir • M. Pachicos • Effet secondaire • Maîtresses • Rêve de chien • S’assoupir
remote possibility Remote Possibility
Music by Icepac, Sknoblogger, Harmsichord and guests…
la pêche à la baleine La Pêche à la Baleine
La Méditerranée • La piscine • Le salon de coiffure • Le papillon • Ma Méditerranée • Adieux
appliance-intelligence Appliance-Intelligence
Baby Viewing • Turing Test Suite • Public Hearing • Private Hearing • Amour Mécanique • Practical Value • Ignorance is Bliss
flag etiquette Flag Etiquette
On Memorial Day • Bunting of Blue • Suspended Vertically • On a Power Boat • Every Precaution
les magichiens Les Magichiens
Toutou Tango • Ouah-py End
radio vince Radio Vince
A lot of the above, plus a few others…
vintage vince Vintage Vince
Tons of ancient stuff from the pre-digital age (1981 to my first MIDI song)

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