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This is the title of a great book on usability & web design, written by Steve Krug, and to which I adhere wholeheartedly.

Over the years, I've become quite the specialist on usability and user interface ergonomics, as applied to consumer applications (CD-ROM, Websites, Interactive TV) and consumer electronics appliances.

My speciality is making complex consumer applications easily understandable and usable for users who will never, ever, RTFM*.

This involves:

  • Finding the smallest set of appropriate, simple to grasp, and self-evident UI concepts and metaphors.
  • Making sure the UI concepts and metaphors are made 100% consistent throughout the application: "Try once, use everywhere".
  • Hunting down and ruthlessly eliminating every little detail that might generate an unnecessary moment of hesitation or doubt, or the slightest unnecessary question in the users' mind.


*Read The Fucking Manual.